Baby steps

I’m taking baby steps with this new blog and making sure I’ve got the tools I want all sorted out. But the short version is that I plan on using a Scrivener, TextMate, Markdown, WordPress job herein. More details behind the cut. So, I don’t actually have anymore details. I just wanted a cut.

2 Responses to “Baby steps”  

  1. 1 Suzana

    And the first comment come from Brazil :)

    I’m reading your thesis!


  2. 2 Carly

    Looking forward to your talk at UofT on the 8th.
    I just googled you and thought, given your upcoming talk on facebook and research on digital social networking, you would find it amusing that this guy (with the very stereotypical “guy with two chicks” profile picture) came up as the first Bernie Hogan on my search.

    Best wishes


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