Chinese-language literature about Wikipedia: a meta-analysis of academic search engine result pages

What is the status of Chinese-language literature on Wikipedia research? To answer this, Zhang Bin and I have conducted an exploratory study of meta-search analysis based on 3464 data points produced by CNKI scholar and Google Scholar (including versions for Hong Kong and Taiwan). This short paper is also accepted by the Opensym 2014.


This paper presents a webometric analysis of the academic search
engine result pages (SERPs) of the Chinese-language term of
“Wikipedia” across major Chinese-speaking regions of mainland
China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Because of the academic
outcome, the findings can also be interpreted for further metaanalysis,
or “research about research”, of the Wikipedia research
in Chinese-language literatures. The findings cover the results
from four major search platforms: CNKI Scholar, Google Scholar
China, Google Scholar Hong Kong and Google Scholar Taiwan.
Cross tabulation of the results shows the major institutions
(journals and academic departments) and scholarly archives for
Chinese-language Wikipedia research. The findings suggest that
there exists a divide between mainland Chinese academic
sources/search results on one hand, and Hong Kong/Taiwanese
ones on the other. Meta-analysis based on academic SERPs have
implications for identifying the gaps and potentials in
internationalization of Wikipedia research.

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The full text of the paper can be downloaded from the slide sharing website here:


We acknowledge the open source software tools called Scrapy for making the web crawling and scraping tasks easier.

My thanks also to the reviewers and organizers of the OpenSym (WikiSym) 2014.

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