Many people to thank for my winning of the OxTALENT Awards in the category of Interactive Infographics

I have won the OxTALENT Awards this year 2014) in the category of Interactive Infographics. Part of the University Teaching Awards Scheme, the annual OxTALENT Awards recognise and reward excellence in teaching and learning supported by ICT at Oxford. Although I cannot attend the award ceremony held in Oxford as I was in Hong Kong for the Chinese Internet Research Conference, I like to thank the people/community that have helped directly and indirectly.

OxTALENT Awards Ceremony 2014
OxTALENT Awards Ceremony 2014

First, I have to thank the Oxford Internet Institute for exposing me to various new ideas and helping me to get the advice I need, including Ralph Schroeder (my supervisor, for shaping the research idea), Mark Graham and Scott Hale (for GIS mapping suggestions).

Second, I thank the Chinese Internet Research conference/community for providing the intellectual background on the topics of Internet diffusion in China and the impact of Chinese filtering/censorship regime.

Third, my gratitude to Adrian Herzog in Switzerland for his Java applet cartography tool called “MAPresso”. He took the time answering my questions so that I can fix some of the issues encountered.

Also, my thanks to Lin-ting Hsia, a Taiwanese colleague in Oxford who took the time to attend the ceremony on my behalfPhoto courtesy of Lin-ting Hsia ).

OxTALENT Awards 2014: Interactive Infographics   Han-Teng Liao
OxTALENT Awards 2014: Interactive Infographics
Han-Teng Liao

Although I did not manage to present my infographics at the ceremony, I will write a blog post on the infographics for general audience.

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