Chinese Wikipedia(s) Traffic

Several interactive infographics for (Han) Chinese language versions of Wikipedia are available. Compare the trendlines by clicking on the “zoom-pan” button. Hit the home button to come back to the original view.

These interactive graphs are made by using d3.js (more technical details read the previous blog post). D3.js has been introduced by some Chinese-language users including Du Yi for data journalism.

Only for the Chinese Wikipedia, the editing traffic is available. It is a pity that other Chinese language versions are without editing traffic report. Also, the traffic data was released in percentage numbers, and thus cannot be used to find absolute growth or decline for a geolinguistic unit. I have initiated a discussion thread titled “Wikipedia traffic: selected language versions”) in [Wiki-research-l] mailing list, please share your thoughts there.

Note that not all Han Chinese language Wikipedias use Chinese scripts/characters. Min Nan (Bân-lâm-gú) Wikipedia does not use Chinese scripts/characters. Min Dong (Mìng-dĕ̤ng-ngṳ̄), Gan (贛語) Wikipedia, Hakka (Hak-kâ-fa / 客家話) use mainly Romanized scripts in addition to Han Chinese scripts/characters. Cantonese (粵語) Wikipedia, Wu (吴语) Wikipedia and Classical Chinese (古文 / 文言文) Wikipedia uses Chinese scripts/characters only.

Note also that according to the latest quarterly viewing and editing traffic report for the period of Jan-Mar 2014 (Q1), mainland China has overtaken Taiwan as the first-ranking contributing region. The data is different from the infographics above because the infographics are based on the previous reports that are based on the average numbers of 12 months, not three months.

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