Interesting choice of keynote speaker at WikiSym + OpenSym 2013: Pockey Lam

Wikisym + OpenSym 2013 (The Joint International Symposium on Open Collaboration) will be held in Hong Kong on Aug 5-7, 2013, which will be the first time for Wikisym to be hosted in the Asian region, and also the first time outside North America and Europe. Pockey Lam (林慧嘉) is among the keynote speakers, and it is interesting choice to have an advocate for digital freedom (free and open source software) and an open education NGO organizer (for migrant workers in China).

Pockey Lam 林慧嘉
Pockey Lam 林慧嘉

Although I have worked with and kept in touch with free and open source advocates such as Lucien C.H. LinFlorence T. M. Ko, and Dr. Tyng-Ruey Chuang, but they are all working in Taiwan. Thus, I am excited and eager to know the latest development regarding free and open source advocacy and practices in China.

In addition to her personal website, Pockey Lam (林慧嘉) was interviewed by an open source online group in China, talking about the free and open source development in China and challenges in persuading programmers and software developers to appreciate its values (my translation below):

Wyapples: Have you encountered any difficulties in promoting open source?

Pockey: Yup, some programmers in this nation, for example, can not understand the point of open source.  They always ask me what are the benefits doing open source? More efficient development, more collaborators, more standard-compliant software codes, we replied.  … Nonetheless they will ask, “What’s in it for me?” This awkward moment is resulted from different perspectives on the issues of interest … Some will say he is too busy, but who is not busy, anyway?  It requires a great deal of enthusiasm and patience, it is the enthusiasm that Chinese people currently lack.

The full interview (in Chinese) can be found at this link. For a rough Google translation in English, please use this link.

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