Thanks to Wikimedia UK, Wikisym 2013 and Digital.Humanities@Oxford Summer School

My personal thanks to Wikimedia UK, Wikisym 2013 and Digital.Humanities@Oxford Summer School, I will present my findings at the Wikisym+OpenSym 2013 and do public engagement work for both English- and Chinese-language audience regarding the global-local dynamics of Wikipedia projects.

Thanks to Wikimedia UK for awarding me the Wikisym 2013 Scholarship. Since it is the second time I am awarded, I hope to deliver better public engagement work this year, by expanding the public reach to the Chinese-language audience. (In 2011, I was awarded together with Dr. Mark Graham to attend the Wikisym 2011 and visit the Wikimedia Foundation at San Francisco. )

Thanks to the reviewers and organizers of the Wikisym+OpenSym 2013, I am given the opportunity to present my research findings on Chinese Wikipedia and Baidu Baike.

Thanks to the organizers of the Digital.Humanities@Oxford Summer School 2013, I am awarded the bursaries to learn and practice public engagement skills. It is worth mentioning that its workshop “Cultural Connections: exchanging knowledge and widening participation in the Humanities” should provide the perfect training opportunity for me to explain to the general public how the potentials of knowledge exchange and participation in Wikipedia projects can be better realized with a growing body of research on open content and data (e.g. the Wikimedia Research Newsletter), so I can put these skills in practice when attending and participating in the Wikisym and Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong.

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