Needing to Have a Voice: Linguistic Grouping in the Digital Networked Environment

This report, part of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy‘s “Working Papers in New Diplomacy”, was my first attempt to engage the general public and foreign policy/affairs scholars on the linguistic trend of the Internet, when I was the Yahoo! Fellow at Georgetown University.

Han-Teng Liao's Working Paper for the Insitute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University

In this report I argue that language support in digital networked environment is fundamental for any person or a group of people to have a voice and being heard in this new digital networked environment. New norms and standards of multiple language support and linguistic grouping are increasingly shaped by emerging private and civic actor in addition to state players.

For full text, please click on the link here hosted at ISD’s website (pdf file[pdf href=””]Google doc view[/pdf]). Another link hosted in my personal blog at the Oxford Internet Instiute’s website is also provided here (pdf file >[pdf href=”]Google doc view[/pdf]).

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