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Recent Curriculum Vitae

A recent cv is available here August 2006 c.v. with publications with a full list of publications.

Recent and Forthcoming:

  • Dutton, W. H., Kahin, B., O’Callaghan, R., and Wyckoff, A. W. (2005) (eds),
    Transforming Enterprise, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • Dutton, W. H. (2004), Social Transformation in the Information Society,
    Paris: UNESCO Publications for the World Summit on the Information Society. Available online here
  • Digital Academe: New Media and Institutions in Higher Education and Learning
    (London: Taylor & Francis/Routledge, 2002).

Two Volume Synthesis of Research on Information and Communication Technologies:

  • Society on the Line: Information Politics in the Digital Age (Oxford University Press, 1999).
  • Information and Communication Technologies — Visions and Realities (Oxford University Press, 1996). Translated into Japanese in a four-volume edition published by Fujitsu Books, 1997.

Other Books:

  • Kubicek, H., Dutton, W. H., and Williams, R. (1997) (eds), The Social Shaping of Information Superhighways: European and American Roads to the Information Superhighway (New York: Campus Verlag/St. Martin’s).
  • Dutton, W. H., Blumler, J. G., and Kraemer, K. L. (1986) (eds), Wired Cities (Boston: G.K.Hall).
  • Dutton, W. H. and Kraemer, K. L. (1985), Modeling as Negotiating: The Political Dynamics of Computer Models in the Policy Process (Norwood, NJ: Ablex).
  • Danziger, J. N., Dutton, W. H., Kling, R., andKraemer, K. L. (1982), Computers and Politics (New York: Columbia University Press).
  • Kraemer, K. L., Dutton, W. H., and Northrop, A. (1981), The Mangement of Information Systems (New York: Columbia University Press).

Journal Editing

Dutton is involved in the editing of three refereed journals in his field:

  • Information Communication and Society (iCS)
  • Prometheus: The Journal of Issues in Technological Change, Innovation, Information Economics, Communications and Science Policy
  • Social Science Computer Review

Key Research:

OII is my most challenging collaborative and international research experience to-date. The Institute’s Web site provides an excellent overview of our research, collaboration, teaching, and what we coined ‘net-working’. www.oii.ox.ac.uk

Prior to joining the OII, I pursued research on the social aspects of information and communication technologies at the Anneberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. I remain associated with the School as a non-resident Research Fellow.

While at Annenberg, I took a leave to serve as National Director of the UK’s Programme on Information and Communication Technologies (PICT) from 1993 to 1996. PICT was a social science research programme dedicated to shaping policy and practice, supported primarily by grants from the Economic and Social Research Council of Britain to six university research centres, at Brunel, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Sussex, Westminster,and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. http://www-rcf.usc.edu/~wdutton/pict.htm Post-PICT, I consulted for the Economic and Social Research Council to develop a proposal for a new research intiative on “The E-Society” that would follow earlier programmes, such as PICT and The Virtual Society? Programme. This proposal enabled the ESRC to support new social and economic research aimed at understanding the restructuring of practices and institutions in the digital age from 2002 in two three-year phases to 2007.

However, my first truly collaborative experience was with an NSF-supported Evaluation of Urban Information Systems (URBIS), conducted by the Public Policy Research Organization (PPRO) at the University of California, Irvine, in the late-1970s. The team was led by Ken Kraemer, who remains at Irvine, Rob Kling, Jim Danziger and myself, along with John Leslie King, Walt Scacchi and others, such as Dick and Linda Hackathorn. This project led me away from the study of urban politics and policy to focus my work on the social and political aspects of information and communication technologies.

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