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Dutton, William H. with the assistance of Elizabeth Dubois (2014) (ed.) Politics and the Internet. London and New York: Routledge. See: Delighted to see the first pre-publication copy of the four volume set on Politics and the Internet, edited by me with the assistance of Elizabeth Dubois. It is within a larger set of […]

Andrea Kavanaugh from the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech will be visiting the OII on Monday 5th March and will be giving a talk between 14:00 and 15:00 in the Meeting Room at 1 St Giles. If you would like to attend, please drop an email to: Andrea’s talk will be entitled: […]

The Advisory Committees to Ofcom have created a blog site to provide useful information of relevance to anyone with a serious interest in communication issues across the communities and nations of the UK and Northern Ireland. It is designed to inform members of the various advisory committees to Ofcom. It will accomplish this by using […]

Internet Governance and National Digital Policies Paris, 9-10 November 2011 (noon on 9 November – noon on 10 November) A UK ESRC Digital Policy Forum in Collaboration with the International Diplomatic Academy, Paris, organized by the International Diplomatic Academy and the Oxford Internet Institute as one of a series of seminars on ‘Digital Policy’. This […]

This was an important talk about information sharing in the public sector, given by one of the key people seeking to create an information sharing environment for the US government.  It was entitled: ‘The Need for Achieving Appropriate Information Sharing and Information Protection’ I was held on Friday, 8 April 2011 at 16.00-17.30 at the […]

Our manuscript has been published by UNESCO in a print edition, also available online.  The citation is: William H. Dutton, Anna Dopatka, Michael Hills, Ginette Law, and Victoria Nash (2011), Freedom of Connection – Freedom of Expression: The Changing Legal and Regulatory Ecology Shaping the Internet. Paris: UNESCO, Division for Freedom of Expression, Democracy and […]

My paper on ‘Networking Distributed Public Expertise: Strategies for Citizen Sourcing Advice to Government’ is one of a series of Occasional Papers in Science and Technology Policy, Science and Technology Policy Institute (TPI), Institute for Defense Analyses, Washington DC. I will post the abstract below and would welcome comments, directly or to this blog. Abstract […]

‘Public Diplomacy 2.0: An Exploratory Case Study of the US Digital Outreach Team’ is the title of a new OII working paper authored by Lina Khatib, Stanford University, myself, and Mike Thelwall , University of Wolverhampton. The abstract is below, but it the full working paper is available on SSRN at: Abstract: The Internet […]

It is brilliant to see the UK government opening up the potential for greater use of the Internet in shaping policy agendas. Apparently, the coalition government plans to allow online petitions to raise issues that might be debated in parliament. This is a very responsible approach to enabling the public to express concerns and, in […]

UNESCO is holding an ‘International Symposium on Freedom of Expression‘ on 26 January 2011, with the support of the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO. One panel session will focus on freedom of expression on the Internet, and we also expect that our UNESCO publication, entitled ‘Freedom of Connection – Freedom of Expression‘, will be launched. […]