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We were very lucky to have a wonderful tutorial at the OII on mobile painting apps, given by Jeremy Sutton. Jeremy is a natural teacher and spent the hour plus overtime describing the tools he uses for mobile painting on a tablet computer, focusing on iPad apps, all the time demonstrating the use and functionality […]

Joshua Harris was a graduate student of mine in the early 1980s. My most memorable experience with him was in connection with a major paper that was assigned. Josh wanted to focus on the future of the personal computer. This was of course very early in the life of the personal computer, only invented at […]

The OII’s Voices from Oxford (VfO) initiative has received excellent coverage in The Korea Times in an article by Kang Shin-who, based on an interview with Dr Kim Sung-hee, Director of VfO and Professor Denis Noble, our VfO anchor and editor, who was in Korea to attend a conference in his role as President of […]

The artist supporting the work of the OII, Steve Russell, is holding a new exhibit of art inspired by his experience in undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. You can see illustrations of his art on his new Web site at: The exhibition will be from 14 May to 4 July at the Art Cell […]